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  • Maximum Charge: Super Strong Coffee from Robusta Beans – Dark Roast – 500 Grams (Beans) High Caffeine – Intense Body and…

    LAB CERTIFIED STRONGEST COFFEE – Our very strong coffee contains significantly more caffeine than the ‘World’s Strong Coffee’. Just 25g of this really strong coffee provides over 450mg of caffeine. Lab analysis reveals 2.98g of caffeine per 100g vs 2.35g/100g for ‘Lean Caffeine’ (UK and World’s Strongest Coffee) and 1.59g/100g for ‘Deathwish’ (World’s Strongest Coffee).
    SERIOUSLY EXTRA STRONG COFFEE – Finally, the great tasting high caffeine coffee for people who really need to get things done. Our seriously strong coffee will maximize your charge and make you feel amazing and ready to face the world. One cup and you’ll be hooked forever! Are you strong enough for our coffee?
    100% AAA TOP RATED SINGLE-ORIGIN BEANS – We use the highest quality robusta beans from Northern Rwanda sourced from sustainable farms. These strong coffee beans in first-rate quality contain no additives, preservatives or flavouring and no blending with cheaper beans. We hand-roast in small batches for freshness and quality.