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  • MONIN Premium Cinnamon Syrup 1L

    Cinnamon essential oil smell, spicy taste of cinnamon powder with pepper notes
    Used with teas, coffees, cocktails, flavoured milks, smoothies
    Strong, pungent flavour will give cocktails, chocolate drinks and fruit punches a kick and impart a taste of the ‘hot stuff’

  • MONIN Premium Green Mint Syrup 1L

    Strong peppermint smell, refreshing mint mouth feel
    Used with cocktails, chocolates, mochas, flavoured milks, sodas, teas, lemonades
    With its deep green colour, MONIN Green Mint syrup allows you to create amazing layered drinks

  • MONIN Premium Yellow Banana Syrup 1L

    Strong nose of ripe banana; velvet banana flambe taste
    Used with coffees, flavoured milks, cocoas, dessert drinks, smoothies, cocktails, beers, fruit punches
    With its velvet taste Monin Yellow Banana gives you the opportunity to create fantastic smoothie or shake