Baileys Coffee Liqueur 1 Litre Bottle

1 x 1 Litre Bottle
Alcohol by Volume : 17%
Best Served Chilled

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Baileys Coffee Liqueur 70cl Bottle

1 x 70cl Bottle
Alcohol by Volume : 17%
Best Served Chilled Over Ice

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Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur , 1l

A creamy nose with subtle hints of vanilla, chocolate and Irish whiskey
Smooth and silky texture with a satisfying aftertaste
The Irish whiskey used is triple distilled

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Bottega Caramel Liqueur 50 cl

A caramel and grappa-based creamy liquor
Light brown in colour
Scent of caramel and grappa

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Caffe Borghetti Coffee Liqueur, 70 cl

Only selected high quality blends of coffee to product a truly unique flavour
Made with the original recipe from 1860.
Obtained from real espresso coffee.

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Cazcabel Coffee Tequila, 70 cl

Chocolate and coffee with a hint of earthy agave
The rich sweet taste of freshly roasted coffee
It’s a stunning short that can be used in innovative cocktails or enjoyed neat over ice

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KAHLUA Coffee Liqueur 70cl Bottle

This coffee liqueur has a lengthy journey to your glass: it uses coffee beans grown in Mexico, shipped to Denmark by distillers Heering, and then shipped on to the USA. There and elsewhere, it is one of the most popular … Read More

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Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur, 70 cl

We recommend serving Merlyn with ice.
Merlyn is a unique magical blend of the finest Welsh malted barley spirit and pure fresh dairy cream.

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Mozart Black Liqueur, 50 cl

Mozart Black shows notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and caramel, as well as smoky and tartly notes of cocoa. Bitter sweet, long-lasting finish
Bitter sweet, long-lasting finish
With chocolate spirits it is essential to macerate instead of conching as it takes a long time to extract the aromas

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Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, 70 cl

The coffee – single origin Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea are chosen for their distinctive flavours to create a house blend.
Low and slow – cold extraction produced a full-flavoured coffee without the acidity and eye-squinting bitterness of an espresso.
Cold press – a basket press is used to extract the rich liquid from inside the coffee infusion. Time consuming, yes, but worth every minute.

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New Grove Coffee Liqueur, 70 cl

With its brassy shade, you will be seduced by freshly ground coffee beans flavour, with hints of dark chocolate and cream.
With its smooth palate, this bold flavoured rum liqueur will surprise you with subtle roasted nut and coffee aroma.
A perfect liqueur after dinner

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Patron XO Cafe Liqueurs, 35 cl

This tequila coffee liqueur iscreated with the same attentionto detail as our ultra-premiumPatron tequilas.
Enjoy Patron XO Cafe in Espresso Martinis and Black or White Russian cocktails.
Also delicious straight-up after being chilled in the fridge or freezer and food paired with dark chocolate.

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