Grow your own Coffee plant.
Did you know that the same plant that grows coffee beans also makes a great houseplant?
Considered to be among the easiest and hardiest of houseplants, a coffee plant is great for both experienced or beginner gardeners. Not only is coffee plant care easy, but the plant itself is lovely and makes a wonderful addition to the home.

Growing coffee plants in your own home can be such a rewarding experience which will help you learn and appreciate the work involved in producing coffee. Think of it as learning with added caffeine. The coffee plant is very easy to take care of and is a great conversation piece, especially during flowering or cherry development.

There a few points of consideration when growing coffee plants.
1. The soil needs to stay moist, but not soaking wet.
2. You need to make sure that both the soil and the pot your coffee plant is growing in has good drainage.
3. The humidity around the plant will need to stay high.

Setting your coffee plant on a water-filled pebble tray will help with humidity. Like many other houseplants, a coffee plant will need less water in the winter than in the summer.

You may not get enough to brew a whole pot of coffee from a single plant but why restrict yourself to just one plant?

“Coffee Arabica Grow Your Own Coffee” Plant in 12 cm Pot

Improves Air Quality Indoors
Grow your own coffee
Easy to look after

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1 Evergreen Coffee Table Plant @ White Floral Pot & Saucer

Japanese Maple: 30-40cm Tall (including pot), Growing in 14cm White Floral Pot with a Matching Saucer
This plant is grown in a white floral pot, which are perfect for adding texture and a vintage flair to your room / office.
The white floral pot features an intricate design with cut-out lace effect detailing and pierced petal design edge that adds a stunning visual effect to your room space.

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1 Evergreen Table Plant in Gloss Black Tall Tubus Pot

Asparagus Setaceus Fern: 35-40cm Tall (including pot), Growing in 14cm Gloss Black Tall Tubus Pot
With the tall tubus gloss pot, these elegant plants can bring stylish atmosphere into your house.
These table plants are ideal for office, parlor, living room, restaurant, hotel, conservatory and etc.

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1 x Arabica Coffee Indoor Plant in Ceramic Mug

The plant is about 25-30cm Tall(including pot height), and is grown in a 12cm Ceramic Mug (White or Brown). This Easy-plants branded plant is carefully selected for you
Increase oxygen concentration in your house through photosymthesis. Highly decorative with its stuning showy foliage.

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1g (approx. 3-5) coffee plant seeds COFFEA ARABICA dwarf variety NANA easy to grow house plant

Fresh EU standard seeds – Best before 12.2018!
A beautiful and easy-to-grow house plant. Grow your own fresh coffee!!!
After 3 or 4 years, Coffea arabica produces star-shaped, sweetly scented white flowers.

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Arabica Coffee, Coffee Shrub of Arabia seeds – Coffea arabica –

All of our seeds pass through a four-stage quality control process. STAGE ONE consists of carefully selecting producers as well as controlling their crops, including foreign producers. Plants are not only checked when they start to grow, but also during blooming and bearing. It is important at this stage to ensure spatial isolation, thanks to which we can be certain of obtaining the desired morphological characteristics of each particular species, such as colour, height and shape.
STAGE TWO consists of performing high precision tests in laboratory conditions. Thanks to the use of the highest quality equipment, and also thanks to highly qualified staff, our suppliers perform more than 30,000 quality tests annually. STAGE THREE consists of sowing seeds in control plots. We obtain precise information concerning their germination, which must be maintained at an appropriately high level. Simultaneously, the varietal identity of each species is checked at this stage.
STAGE FOUR is performed in our warehouses and consists of rejecting seeds which have been lying for too long on our shelves and replacing them with new batches. Each packet is stamped with an appropriate batch number and also with the sow-by-date. All four stages make it possible for us to state with confidence that the seeds we are selling comply with the highest standards and have passed through all possible control stages without problems.

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Coffee Arabica – 1 Plant – House / Office Live Indoor Pot Plant Tree In 12cm Pot

Pot Size: 12cm
Plant Height Supplied (inc. pot): 20-30cm
Please Note: When purchasing plants please consider that each live item is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only.

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Coffee Arabica – House / Office Live Indoor Plant Gift – In 15cm White Pot

✤ Pot Size: 12cm
✤ Plant Height (inc. pot): 20-30cm
✤ Please note that images are for illustration purposes only and to give you an idea of how they may look at full maturity.

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Coffee Arabica Plant in 7cm pot x 1 tall Grow your own Coffee!

This charming Coffee arabica is a house plant here in the UK as it is half-hardy. If, however, the coffee plant is kept in a warm spot it is likely to produce some berries which will then provide you with … Read More

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Coffee Arabica Plant in a Coffee Cup. Great Gift for coffee lovers

This Coffee arabica plant would make an unusual gift. It is presented in a ceramic coffee cup. Native to tropical Africa, there are actually 125 species of coffee, most of which grows at high altitude. Arabica is one of the … Read More

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Cross Common Nursery Coffea arabica (Coffee bush)

Coffee Tree. Bushy evergreen shrub that produces commercial coffee and are also grown as ornamentals. ,Coffee Tree. Bushy evergreen shrub that produces commercial coffee and are also grown as ornamentals. Coffeas are slow growing in their early years and need … Read More

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DIKEWANG Creative Wooden Frame With 2 PCS Hydroponic Plant Transparent Vase For Coffee Shop Room Home Office Desk Decration

Material: glass, iron, wood
Suitable for home desk decoration wooden craft ornaments.
100% brand new and high quality.

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