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  • Monin Gomme Syrup (Gomme) Capacity 700ml

    Nose of ripe raspberry, slightly acidic, raspberry candy taste
    Used with teas, sodas, coffees without milk, (hot milk can cause curdling), fruit punches, cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes
    Sweet, fragrant and subtle aftertaste, an almost-melt-in-your-mouth texture

  • MONIN Premium Blackberry Syrup 700 ml

    700ml glass bottle
    Approx 70 shots per bottle
    Premium brand

  • MONIN Premium Blueberry Syrup 700 ml

    Blueberry flavoured syrup
    Perfect for making cocktails
    Ideal for use in smoothies, cocktails, ice cream toppings, sodas, fruit punches and teas

  • MONIN Premium Coconut Syrup 700 ml

    Very intense, concentrate and long lasting taste of grated coconut which carries you away to tropics, under coconut palms
    Used with hot or cold chocolates, flavoured milks, milkshakes, desserts, fruit punches, cocktails, drinks
    Monin Coconut syrup fits perfectly with other exotic flavours especially pineapple

  • MONIN Premium Green Apple Syrup 700 ml

    Nose of freshly cut Granny Smith apple, tart, sweet and juicy taste of green apple, very refreshing
    Used with sodas, lemonades, cocktails, teas, fruit punches, smoothie
    Perfect balance between sweetness and a slightly acidic touch, particularly helpful with lemonade or martini cocktail

  • MONIN Premium Grenadine Syrup 700 ml

    Slightly acidic taste, subtle combination between the roundness of vanilla and the tartness of red berries
    Used with alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktails, sodas, lemonades
    Used in cocktails from a Shirley Temple to Tequila Sunrise

  • MONIN Premium Mango Syrup 700 ml

    Mild exotic mango fruit nose, sweet mango taste with a hint of acidity
    Used with cocktails, sodas, smoothies, lemonades, fruit punches, teas
    It reveals its smoothness with a slightly acidic juice such as cranberry.

  • MONIN Premium Passion Fruit Syrup 700 ml

    Exotic fruity aroma, sweet and sour taste which will make you feel like eating fresh passion fruit
    Used with sodas, lemonades, cocktails, fruit punches, smoothies, cold cocoas
    With a true sweet and sour taste, Monin Passion Fruit syrup is particularly enhanced with other exotic flavours such as mango

  • MONIN Premium Yellow Banana Syrup 1L

    Strong nose of ripe banana; velvet banana flambe taste
    Used with coffees, flavoured milks, cocoas, dessert drinks, smoothies, cocktails, beers, fruit punches
    With its velvet taste Monin Yellow Banana gives you the opportunity to create fantastic smoothie or shake

  • Monin Tangerine 70cl Bottle

    Tangerine flavoured syrup
    Perfect for making cocktails
    Ideal for use in smoothies, cocktails, lemonades