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  • Monin Premium Hazelnut Sugar Free Syrup, 1L

    Fresh hazelnut taste with a subtle touch of almond and vanilla
    Used with dessert drinks, martinis, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos
    Allows you to create amazing non rich milkshakes by using it with soy milk, or skimmed milk

    not rated £11.60
  • Monin Premium Hazelnut Syrup, 1L

    Fresh hazelnut taste with a subtle touch of almond and vanilla
    Used with coffees, milkshakes, dessert drinks, cocoas, steamed milks
    Ideal with dairy ingredients, as it reveals all its aroma

    not rated £10.38
  • Monin Premium Jasmine Syrup, 700 ml

    Nose of fresh cut jasmine flowers, delicate, sweet flower taste
    Used with teas, cold milks, cocktails
    Create pretty, feminine drinks and Asian inspired cocktails, smoothies and teas with Monin Jasmine syrup

    not rated £13.95
  • Monin Premium Macadamia Nut Syrup 700 ml

    Long-lasting roasted nuts smell and taste, French pralines aftertaste
    Used with coffees, milkshakes, dessert drinks, cocoas, flavoured milks
    Try mixing Monin Macadamia syrup with Monin Chocolate sauce to create an indulgent nutty chocolate latte.

    not rated £10.09
  • Monin Premium Mango Syrup, 700 ml

    Mild exotic mango fruit nose, sweet mango taste with a hint of acidity
    Used with cocktails, sodas, smoothies, lemonades, fruit punches, teas
    It reveals its smoothness with a slightly acidic juice such as cranberry.

    not rated £10.89
  • Monin Premium Mojito Mint Syrup 700 ml(Packaging may vary )

    Spearmint smell, perfectly balanced taste of cane sugar and spearmint
    Used with coffees, chocolates, teas, fruit punches, smoothies, sodas, lemonades
    Monin Mojito Mint is a refreshing mint and lime flavour that can be used beyond the bar in countless non alcoholic applications.

    not rated £10.72
  • Monin Premium Passion Fruit Syrup, 700 ml

    Exotic fruity aroma, sweet and sour taste which will make you feel like eating fresh passion fruit
    Used with sodas, lemonades, cocktails, fruit punches, smoothies, cold cocoas
    With a true sweet and sour taste, Monin Passion Fruit syrup is particularly enhanced with other exotic flavours such as mango

    not rated £9.52
  • Monin Premium Praline Syrup 1 L

    Rich and buttery praline taste, with notes of caramel
    Used with coffees, cocktails, milkshakes, chocolates, dessert drinks, culinary applications and toppings
    With its amazing flavour combining pecan, almond nuts and caramel, its creamy and buttery mouth feel

    not rated £10.08
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    Monin Premium Raspberry Syrup 700 ml

    Nose of ripe raspberry, slightly acidic, raspberry candy taste
    Used with teas, sodas, coffees without milk, (hot milk can cause curdling), fruit punches, cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes
    Sweet, fragrant and subtle aftertaste, an almost-melt-in-your-mouth texture

    not rated £9.49
  • Monin Premium Tiramisu Syrup 700 ml

    Full flavour of Marsala and coffee, with a touch of cocoa powder and mascarpone
    Used with lattes, steamed milks, coffees, frozens, chocolates, frozens, dessert drinks, cocktails, culinary
    Offers you the taste of a real tiramisu, with a blend of subtle and mouth watering aromas for unequalled exquisite drinks

    not rated £9.00
  • Monin Premium Toffee Nut Syrup 700 ml

    Strong smell of caramel with notes of buttered, roasted nuts, bold macadamia nut flavour in a buttery and rich toffee base
    Used with coffees, flavoured milks, dessert drinks
    Just mix Monin sauce and syrup in the bottom of a tumbler glass and cover up with steamed milk.

    not rated £10.25
  • Monin Premium Vanilla Sugar Free Syrup, 1L

    Vanilla pod flavour sublimate in combination with exotic flavours
    Used with lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, iced coffees, juices, martinis, dessert drinks
    Made with sucralose which is a no calorie sweetener

    not rated £10.49