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  • Aroma Club Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1KG – Strong George – Whole Bean Coffee – Slow Roasted – Brazilian Coffee – Award…

    THE PERFECT COFFEE – The No.3 Strong George is a dark roasted coffee. The dark roasting gives this coffee a full-bodied character, especially perfect for making espresso’s and cappuccino’s.
    INTENSITY 5 OUT OF 5 – For all lovers of espresso and coffee’s the Strong George is the perfect fit. These espresso beans are super strong (Strong Coffee Beans) which allows you to make beautiful espresso’s!
    SLOW ROASTED – The slow roast process ensures a maximum and efficient extraction of all flavours and aroma’s within the bean. This results in a coffee bean showing a great expression of character.

  • Black Donkey Coffee Roasters – 1KG Whole Coffee Beans (INTENSO)

    VALUE ✪ 1KG Roasted Coffee Beans
    VARIETY ✪ INTENSO coffee blend (80% ROBUSTA, 20% ARABICA). Full-bodied and strong, this intense Robusta coffee blend, rich in quality, brings you a round taste, a warm and enveloping aroma.
    QUALITY & FRESHNESS ✪ A rich and full-bodied tasting coffee roasted regularly in small batches for consistent freshness, flavour and aroma. Our beans are packed with a specific flat degassing valve, allowing the beans to keep their entire freshness and fragrance intact for 24 months after packaging

  • Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee, Fair Trade and Certified Organic (1 Kilo)

    Stay awake with The World’s Strongest Coffee. Death Wish Whole Bean Coffee has double the caffeine of your average coffee
    Take pride knowing that you’re drinking certified Organic and Fairtrade coffee
    Our beans are carefully selected & expertly roasted to give you that caffeine kick, bold taste and great aroma that you’ve come to love

  • Douwe Egberts Intense Roast Coffee Beans 1kg Ref 432700

    Intense Dark Roasted Coffee Beans
    100 Percent Arabica Beans
    1kg Bag

  • Lean Caffeine High Caffeine Ground Coffee 227g | Super Clean Mycotoxin, Pesticide & Heavy Metal Free Strong Bulletproof…

    Lab verified 48% more caffeine than Deathwish Coffee – World’s Strongest Coffee
    Lab Certified free of Pesticides and Mycotoxins
    Free Accompanying Guide from our website with Recipes, Exercise Plan & Eating Plan

  • LUCIFER’S ROAST 1kg Espresso by KIQO from Italy – extremely strong coffee beans – low in acid – 100% Robusta (Whole…

    ☕️ A real Italian – although 100% Robusta beans provide extreme strength, the coffee is almost acid-free due to the lack of Arabic. Thus perfectly suitable for frequent drinkers who love their Espresso the traditional Italian way.
    ☕️ Preparation – Baristas appreciate this coffee for its full-bodied and strong taste with its fine crema. Therefore ideal for espresso or Americano.
    ☕️ Roasting – By roasting by hand in small quantities, we can ensure that each bean is roasted evenly. Although this process takes longer, it helps to release the individual flavours of each bean.

  • Maximum Charge: Super Strong Coffee from Robusta Beans – Dark Roast – 500 Grams (Beans) High Caffeine – Intense Body and…

    LAB CERTIFIED STRONGEST COFFEE – Our very strong coffee contains significantly more caffeine than the ‘World’s Strong Coffee’. Just 25g of this really strong coffee provides over 450mg of caffeine. Lab analysis reveals 2.98g of caffeine per 100g vs 2.35g/100g for ‘Lean Caffeine’ (UK and World’s Strongest Coffee) and 1.59g/100g for ‘Deathwish’ (World’s Strongest Coffee).
    SERIOUSLY EXTRA STRONG COFFEE – Finally, the great tasting high caffeine coffee for people who really need to get things done. Our seriously strong coffee will maximize your charge and make you feel amazing and ready to face the world. One cup and you’ll be hooked forever! Are you strong enough for our coffee?
    100% AAA TOP RATED SINGLE-ORIGIN BEANS – We use the highest quality robusta beans from Northern Rwanda sourced from sustainable farms. These strong coffee beans in first-rate quality contain no additives, preservatives or flavouring and no blending with cheaper beans. We hand-roast in small batches for freshness and quality.

  • Sons of Amazon Coffee Bags Individually Wrapped – 10 Strong Coffee Bags – STRONG AND FAIR – 10g each bag – Compostable

    WARNING EXTREMELY STRONG COFFEE: The UK’s Strongest Coffee, 200% stronger than a cup of normal jar coffee! Adrenalin and coffee junkies only, not for the faint hearted! Approx 55 cups of strong coffee per bag.
    IT’S ALL THE SAME COFFEE: When we freshly artisan roast our Sons of Amazon strong coffee we create 3 different end products. They have a rich intense flavour and produce a silky, lovely crema with no bitterness.
    STRONG AND FAIR: Roasted using the world’s premium and best coffee beans, which are ethically sourced directly from the Amazon Rainforest, then roasted and ground in the UK – We buy the best quality beans for maximum caffeine, that is why it’s expensive stuff. But WOW! it’s worth it!

  • Strong Coffee To Wake The Dead (Coffee Bags, 50 Bags)

    Highly Caffeinated Bold Coffee
    Seriously Strong Coffee Crafted With Natural Coffee Aromas