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  • MONIN Premium Almond Orgeat Syrup 700 ml

    Pure distinct bitter almond pit smell and taste
    Used with coffees, cocktails, sodas
    The most famous recipe is Mai Tai but try to combine Monin Almond with Monin Glasco Lemon syrup in a soda

  • MONIN Premium Caramel Sugar Free Syrup 1L

    Powerful, deep smell and very specific burnt caramel flavour
    Used with coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, martinis, juices, teas
    Offers a sweet sensation without the usual metallic aftertaste that you experience with other sweeteners

  • MONIN Premium Coconut Syrup 700 ml

    Very intense, concentrate and long lasting taste of grated coconut which carries you away to tropics, under coconut palms
    Used with hot or cold chocolates, flavoured milks, milkshakes, desserts, fruit punches, cocktails, drinks
    Monin Coconut syrup fits perfectly with other exotic flavours especially pineapple

  • MONIN Premium Hazelnut Sugar Free Syrup 1L

    Fresh hazelnut taste with a subtle touch of almond and vanilla
    Used with dessert drinks, martinis, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos
    Allows you to create amazing non rich milkshakes by using it with soy milk, or skimmed milk

  • MONIN Premium Hazelnut Syrup 1L

    Fresh hazelnut taste with a subtle touch of almond and vanilla
    Used with coffees, milkshakes, dessert drinks, cocoas, steamed milks
    Ideal with dairy ingredients, as it reveals all its aroma

  • MONIN Premium Mojito Mint Syrup 700 ml

    Spearmint smell, perfectly balanced taste of cane sugar and spearmint
    Used with coffees, chocolates, teas, fruit punches, smoothies, sodas, lemonades
    Monin Mojito Mint is a refreshing mint and lime flavour that can be used beyond the bar in countless non alcoholic applications.

  • MONIN Premium Pumpkin Spice Syrup 1L

    Product 1: Flavour: Notes of sweet pumpkin and spicy clove and cinnamon
    Product 1: Used in hot drinks, dessert drinks, milkshakes, mocktails, cocktails
    Product 1: Use 15-30 ml per serve for cocktails, 30 ml for frappes and milkshakes, or 15 ml for iced teas and lemonades, depending on recipe.

  • MONIN Premium Vanilla Sugar Free Syrup 1L

    Vanilla pod flavour sublimate in combination with exotic flavours
    Used with lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, iced coffees, juices, martinis, dessert drinks
    Made with sucralose which is a no calorie sweetener

  • MONIN Premium White Chocolate Syrup 700 ml

    Buttered smell with notes of vanilla, creamy cocoa taste
    Used with coffees, cocktails, dessert drinks, milkshakes
    Seductive, buttery notes mix well with other flavours and can be used in hot or cold dessert drinks